Ventri es una Cámara Gamma de doble cabezal, compacta, ergonómicamente diseñada y dedicada al corazón


Your patients come in all shapes and sizes. Large or small, tall or short. With Ventri, you’ll now be able to image virtually all of your patients and be confident that you’re providing them great care.

Originally designed for dedicated cardiology work, Ventri now offers expanded capability for neurology studies.  Available in two configurations:

  • Ventri with Premium Table: helps facilitate both easy patient access and operator convenience for cardiac-only scanning
  • Ventri with the Advanced Table: brings additional capabilities to Ventri, including both cardiac and neuro scanning, while still maintaining patient comfort and operator convenience

Ventri’s innovative, open architecture has been designed from the ground up to grow with your business and our future technology enhancements. GE Healthcare provides a practical upgrade pathway from Ventri to the Discovery* NM 530c and Discovery NM/CT570c, our CZT based nuclear cardiology platform – so you can expand your capabilities to meet your changing needs.




Designed with your patient in mind

Countless hours have been spent designing a camera to help ensure your patients feel comfortable and secure during their scan.

  • Head, arm and leg supports designed to help minimize patient joint strain and allow for more natural positioning
  • Table handles specifically positioned to offer your patient security while getting on and off the table
  • Small detector heads on a slim gantry giving patients a clear view throughout the cardiac scan
  • Specially engineered supports for patient comfort during prone imaging
  • Large 28-inch (70cm) bore to comfortably accommodate your largest patients
  • Full range of SPECT scans – prone, supine, dextra cardia, 180°, 360° – are all possible

Designed with your technologist in mind

Ventri offers a wide range of user-friendly features that may add up to a fast, efficient and comfortable workflow. No stepping on wires, no bending to see in the gantry, no straining to see the screen.

  • Standard Ignite workflow automation helps improve productivity with streamlined workflow from patient selection through automatic launching of image processing
  • VentriCam wall-mounted patient positioning camera (Premium table) monitors patient’s position relative to the detectors; no straining, bending or kneeling to confirm position
  • Acquisition station on mobile cart or mounted to wall for convenient placement
  • ECG Trigger attaches conveniently to the table; no stretching to attach leads or tripping on wires

Designed for exceptional image quality

A pioneer in diagnostic imaging and information technologies, count on GE Healthcare’s commitment to image quality and clinical excellence to put you and your practice at the leading edge.

  • Small 14.3 x 7.3 inch (37 x 19 cm) field-of-view detectors
  • Innovative all-digital Elite detector design with 5D Real Time Corrections; every event corrected real-time for Energy, Linearity, Uniformity, Center of Rotation and Isotope Decay
  • High precision center-of-rotation ring gantry, for outstanding quality studies
  • Thin, carbon-fiber tabletop for minimal attenuation
  • Access to a robust Xeleris* clinical library with sophisticated processing capabilities
  • Myovation, and other third party quantitative analysis packages available as option

Designed with easy installation in mind

Whether in a hospital or a one-physician practice, space and time are at a premium. With its small footprint and straightforward installation, Ventri can be up and running with a reasonable investment.

  • Small 8 x 10 foot (2.4 x 3.1 m) system footprint to fit within compact spaces1
  • A quick, two-day installation (on average)
  • It easily fits on elevators, down halls and through doorways as narrow as 32 inches (81 cm) – and weighs less than 2,500 pounds (1133 kg)




GoldSeal Ventri features include:

  • Two SFOV high-resolution detectors
  • LEHR collimators
  • Scan modes: supine, prone, and DextroCardia
  • Dedicated acquisition station
  • Digital real-time corrections for excellent image quality
  • Operator-selectable preset energy correction sets



GoldSeal Ventri specifications include:

  • System footprint: 10 feet x 8 feet
  • 70cm diameter ring gantry accommodates patients up to 440 pounds
  • 2-axis imaging table up to 6’ 7” patient length
  • Fixed 90º detectors geometry
  • Energy range: 40-200 keV per detector


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