El SPECT Siemens Symbia Intevo Excel ofrece alta calidad de imagen con información funcional y anatómica, así como una corrección de atenuación confiable, vital para ayudar a los médicos a tomar decisiones acertadas.

Symbia Intevo ™ Excel es un sistema SPECT de última generación con una TC de alto rendimiento para una localización anatómica exacta y una corrección de atenuación precisa, que proporciona a los médicos la calidad de imagen que necesitan. Además, ofrece aplicaciones que reducen la exposición a la radiación y, potencialmente, el doble de rendimiento. Symbia Intevo Excel también proporciona imágenes de alta calidad y es una solución a las necesidades clínicas y comerciales de las instituciones de atención médica en todo el mundo.

Sharp Resolution, Advanced CT Clarity


Enhance lesion visualization

Nuclear medicine has been previously regarded as “unclear medicine” due to lack of anatomic information. High-image quality with both functional and anatomical information, as well as reliable attenuation correction, is vital to help physicians make sound decisions.

Symbia Intevo Excel combines HD detectors, innovative bed design, AUTOFORM®collimator technology, advanced iterative reconstruction algorithms and 2-slice CT, that offer physicians high-quality SPECT/CT images to assist in clinical decision making.

Interpret images confidently
Enhance confidence with SPECT/CT featuring up to 45%1 higher resolution and industry-leading NEMA 3D iterative reconstruction.

Increase utilization

Complete two exams on one system with integrated SPECT and high-quality CT. Perform rapid SPECT imaging with high-sensitivity AUTOFORM collimators.

Expand patient applications
Accommodate a larger patient population with the versatile combination of SPECT and CT, while also increasing referrals with advanced SPECT/CT applications.


Minimum Dose, Maximum Speed


Support patient well-being and reduce costs

Two challenges in healthcare today are the mandates to improve patient safety and increase productivity. From a patient care and economic perspective, each is critically important. With conventional systems, clinicians have to choose between minimum dose to protect patients or faster scanning for greater productivity.

Symbia Intevo Excel offers innovative imaging solutions where the lowest dose can be used, while still scanning patients faster than ever before. With half-dose and double-speed, clinicians can support patient well-being, reduce costs and increase utilization.

Lower patient radiation exposure 
Perform cardiac exams with up to 75% improvement in lower injected dose or imaging time,1 with up to 88% lower dose CT attenuation correction.1

Perform cardiac scans in minutes
Potentially triple patient throughput with 4-minute IQ•SPECT cardiac imaging.

Lower total cost of ownership
Save on system costs with the only general purpose system that features ultra-fast cardiac imaging.


Full Automation


Increase efficiency to reduce costs

Time affects all aspects of daily imaging, from patient comfort to staff productivity. With increasing patient demand and decreasing reimbursement levels, efficiency is essential.

With Automated Quality Control (AQC), Automated Collimator Changer (ACC), Autocontourr, Integrated ECG, e.media and Symbia.net, Symbia Intevo Excel1 helps clinicians save time, optmize workflow and enhance patient comfort.

Minimize staff radiation exposure
Optimize SPECT resolution by reducing detector-to-patient distance with Autocontour. AQC potentially eliminates staff exposure to radioactive open sources accessed when performing manual quality control.

Increase operational effectiveness

Run AQC overnight so the system is ready to scan each morning, saving up to one hour, on average. Eliminate manual collimator exchanges with ACC.

Reduce manual procedures
Automated features minimize the likelihood of equipment damage, reduce scan times and maximize patient throughput by reducing manual procedures.

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